Nice to
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Nice to
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Nice to
meet you.

Last updated · 03/2018


I’m Andreas Kuhnen, a multidisciplinary designer with a passion for UI/UX, motion design & code.

When I grew up, the internet was quite young as well. I remember the time, when connecting to the internet caused weird noises. My fascination for this new technology reached it’s first peak, when I discovered chat rooms.

All of a sudden, it was possible to share text messages and images all over the world within the blink of an eye. The digital world didn’t seem to have any boundaries… except the shitty bandwidth. It didn’t take long until I build my first portfolio and produced my own content which was absolutely worth sharing!

I found out that Microsoft Paint allowed me to create my first little GIF Animations – pixel by pixel, frame by frame. It might sound funny, but back then, the opportunities of moving images have been utterly fascinating to me. Not much later I discovered Adobe Flash and earned my first money thanks to my self taught animation skills.

Taking the long way.

There’re no shortcuts in the design process.

Fast forward +10 years I’m still doing what I love: interface & motion design. Retrospectively it looks like I always knew what I’ll be doing in the future – but the truth is, I didn’t!

I took the long way to get here; there haven’t been any shortcuts. But this is also why there have been lots of unexpected opportunities for me to learn new things and to gather valuable insights & experiences.

This little story reflects how I think about the design process itself: There’s no shortcut for achieving outstanding results. I strongly believe room for experimentation, the freedom to take detours in order to learn new things is key to innovative, creative, unconventional and eventually great design.

Why should we work together?

Thanks to my agency background I’m used to tight deadlines and I have a pretty good sense of what kind of work can be done in which amount of time. This enables me to deliver the best possible result for a given budget. However I appreciate having some scope experimentation and new challenges. Let’s talk about it!

What kind of work do I enjoy most?

I don’t want to restrict myself to any specific kind of work, because I enjoy learning new things too much. Either way I’d call myself a digital designer, who also loves to tackle analog challenges. Keeping it simple: I’m good at building websites ond apps – but whatever kind of challenge you have at your hands, don’t hesitate to say


Since 06/2017

  • Art Director

Plan.Net, Munich

Art Direction · UI/UX Design · Visual Design · Motion Design · Prototyping · Design Consulting · Project Management

Since 01/2017

  • Freelance Designer

Self employed

Web Design · Graphic Design · Corporate Design · Front-End Development

12/2015 – 05/2017 

  • Junior Art Director

Plan.Net, Munich

UI/UX Design · Motion Design · Prototyping · Visual Design

03/2012 –11/2015

  • Student Employee

Bosbach Kommunikation & Design GmbH, Cologne

UI/UX Design · Motion Design · 3D Rendering (Modelling, Texturing, Illumination, Compositing, Animation) · Visual Design for Print/Web · Front-End Development · Illustration



Shortlist – Cannes Young Lions

I enjoyed working with

Bosbach · BMW · Linde Group · MINI · Serviceplan/Plan.Net · Porsche · Ravensburger · Schaeffler · Tourismusverband Innsbruck · Unity Media · Wunderman

... and many more

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